Tay Valley Credit Union

   11 Castle Street, 3rd Floor, Dundee, DD1 3AA

   (01382) 434103


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The Credit Union Difference


Credit Unions are different from other financial companies and banks. One of the main differences is that credit unions are set up solely to benefit the people who use them, the members.


There are no external shareholders. Credit union members own and control the credit union. All profits are used to benefit the credit union and its members.


Credit Unions are managed and controlled by volunteers from the membership. Any member may stand for election to the Board of Directors of the credit union. Please see The Volunteer Difference page to find out more about the role of volunteers in the credit union.


All members are treated equally. Each member has one vote at the AGM, irrespective of their shareholding in the credit union.


An Annual Dividend paid on savings (subject to approval by the Annual General Meeting). All members receive the same rate of dividend, based on the balance of their savings.